The "Something" Wedding Rhyme by Gwendolyn DeShields

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Sixpence in her shoe. The rhyme is an Old English tradition meant to gift the bride with sentimental tokens of love from either your mother, sister, grandmother or special family members or friends. Here are some helpful tidbits about the meanings.

Something Old represents continuity. Sharing the same family values, goals, supporting one another, encouraging one another. Being selfless.

Something New represents optimism for the future. Keep your marriage fresh at all times. You will go through many changes in your marriage, however never lose the love.

Something Borrowed symbolizes borrowed joy. Some people would say happiness, but I say joy. Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes. While joy is through the good times and bad times, our joy will not be shaken.

Something Blue means purity, fidelity and love. Speaks for itself!

Sixpence in your shoe is to wish you good fortune and prosperity.  "For richer AND for poorer". Happy Dtales brides and may your marriage be a bouquet of beautiful moments!

Wedding Email by Gwendolyn DeShields

Congratulations your engaged! So now you have meetings, decision making and shopping to do. Next, you sign up for all the wonderful bridal information, but don't want to clog your own personal email account. Create a wedding email account to have all your bridal correspondence sent to. Make it personal include your names or year ( for example. There are free providers such as Gmail, they provide ways for you to be organized. You can download, upload and save files to your own personal drive. You want structure, not a hot! 

Another option is to create a wedding website as well. This frees up long conversation to relay impertinent information about wedding details to your bridal party and guests. You are creating a social platform of excitement for your upcoming nuptials! A few sites suggested are SquareSpace, Wix, Appy Couple, WeddingWire, and The Knot. Always remember to take a time out from planning. You don't want to kill the magic of marriage before you get married. Have fun and Happy Dtales!

Special Offer by Gwendolyn DeShields

ATTENTION ALL BRIDES! Coming down to the wire of wedding day. Would you feel more comfortable having a professional handle the logistics of your vision? SocialFly Events is offering a special offer for 2014 weddings! Schedule your consultation with us to receive 20% off "Day Of" wedding coordination services. We will execute and implement every detail for your upcoming nuptials. Simple? Yes! We will meet and greet, tie up any loose ends and assist you in any way to give you a peace of mind. All you need to do is relax, celebrate and look FABULOUS.

photo courtesy of PhotoKutz

photo courtesy of PhotoKutz

Offer rules: Only valid for real couples who plan to marry in 2014. No exchanges. Do not apply to already contracted events. Travel is an additional cost if out of the state of Delaware. 

Social "Day Of" Wedding Coordination valued $800.00. With 2014 Special $640.00!

Day Of Service includes but not limited to:

  • One in person consultation up to 6 weeks prior to wedding day
  • Unlimited consults via phone/email
  • Review contracts of vendors & timelines
  • Coordinate Wedding rehearsal
  • Collect essential items for ceremony and reception
  • Manage the wedding day

Give us a call and let's talk! Happy Dtales!

The "First Dance" by Gwendolyn DeShields

Seeing the new Mr. & Mrs embracing each other to the sound of love is such a beautiful dance. When it comes to the "first dance" music, it should reflect the love of your marriage. Now choosing the "first dance" song can be overwhelming. You want it to be perfect and set the mood! So I compiled a list of some favorite oldies and newbies to guide you. Happy Dtales!

Mr. & Mrs. Clement Murphy photo courtesy of Nixon Images

Mr. & Mrs. Clement Murphy photo courtesy of Nixon Images


First Dance Songs

“Make You Feel My Love” Adele

“A Couple of Forevers” Chrissette Michele

“All of Me” John Legend

“Giving Myself” Jennifer Hudson

“From this Moment” Shania Twain

“Here & Now” Luther Vandross

“I Believe In You and Me” Whitey Houston

“My Everything” Mary J Blige

“Turn Your Lights Down Low” Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill

“Let’s Stay Together” Al Green

“I Found Love” Bebe & CeCe Winans

“You for Me” Johnny Gill

“When God Made You” Newsong

“The One He Kept For Me” Maurette Brown Clark

“Love On Top” Beyonce

“The Point of It All” Anthony Hamilton

“Nothing Even Matters” D’Angelo & Lauryn Hill

“After All Is Said and Done” Marc Nelson & Beyonce

“For You” Kenny Lattimore

“At Last” Etta James

“Marry Me” Train

“A Thousand Years” Christina Perri

“Come Away with Me” Norah Jones

“Marry You” Bruno Mars

“If I Ain’t Got You” Alicia Keys

“Everything To Me” Monica

“Love of My Life” Brian McKnight

“In My Hands” Jaheim

“The Rest Of Our Lives” Tyrese & Brandy

“Real Love” Eric Benet

“Is This Love” Bob Marley

“Everything” Michael Buble

“The One” Tamar Braxton

Guests Need to Know by Gwendolyn DeShields

bullhornWhen it comes to wedding etiquette, you may think it's only for the bride and groom. Throw that logic out the window! Wedding etiquette pertains to all those who are involved from the bride and groom, the vendors and most importantly the guests. Guests you have a responsibility to uphold from the time you RSVP to the conclusion of the wedding. I've conducted a social media survey to get some opinions and experiences from some amazing couples who had a lot to say.  I hope these helpful nuggets and examples will be of a good benefit to you for future wedding appearances.  


#1 RSVP, RSVP, RSVP  meaning a French phrase "repondez s'il vous plait," in english terms meaning please respond. The couple so graciously request the honour of your presence and would like the favor in return to respond in a timely manner. As the couple nears deadline for guest count and cost for the wedding, it's necessary to know if you are attending or not. If you are unable to attend, please notify the couple, so they can fill your seat. There is nothing more frustrating for the couple to  track you down for an RSVP. Let's uphold this #1 DO in high regard.

#2 Be Punctual. The saying goes, "If you're early, your on time. If your on time, then you're late". Make a conscious decision to arrive on time with anticipation of the couple's wedding. Plan ahead! If you do arrive late, then expect to sit in the back or in the overflow of the church or you may not be able to enter at all.

#3 Gifts are Appreciated Always, Always have a gift in hand. Whether it be something from the couple's registry or a very nice monetary (no less than $50) gift.

#4 Drink Responsibly The couple is celebrating with you. They do not want any accidents or illegal action brought against them because you don't know your limit. Keep it to a maximum of 3 and then move to some water, juice or tea. Stay

#5 Dress Appropriately according to the formality of the invitation.  Pay attention to the when and where of the wedding. This will give you an idea on how to dress for the type of day and venue. If all else fails and unsure of the dress code, call a family friend or someone of the bridal party to give you guidance.

#6 Enjoy the Moment put away your cellphones, tablets and ipads during the ceremony. Remind yourself to put your phone on silent (not vibrate). It is very disruptive to hear a ringtone or the vibration of a cellphone while the officiate or couple is speaking. Also respect the couple's religion or faith, and come with a positive spirit to uplift, encourage and celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs.


#1 Don't be disrespectful. Please do not play musical chairs during the ceremony, looking for your family and friends trying to get a closer view. If you are late, do not try to sneak in while processional is underway and get an attitude with the coordinator.

#2 Dress Inappropriately. Do not come dressed to any wedding exposing and revealing your decolletage purposely. A wedding is not a competition. If the invitation has a formality of casual dress, this does not mean street clothes. Unsure of how to dress, call a friend or someone of the bridal party to assist you.

#4 The controversy. Wearing white to a wedding other than the bride can be a "DO or DON'T". Unless the bride specified then all for it! If not do not even attempt to pass "go" on this on! It's the bride's day to shine for her one special day.

#5 No Feuding. Save your family feuds and disagreements for another day. It's not about "YOU"!

#6 No  Hidden Agendas. Holding secret  feelings for the bride/groom or dislikes against the bride/groom? Leave that drama at home or you will be escorted out for any disruptive behavior. A coordinator always have muscle on her team just in case.

#7 Not A Daycare. Unless invitation states children allowed, please do not bring your kids. It always seem when the couple are saying their vows, a child starts being disruptive, it never fails. For a wedding only children of the bridal party are expected.

#8 Uninvited Guests. If you were not invited with a guest, do not bring one. Do not pencil in a +1, nor try to convince the couple to allow your +1. I've seen how the couple has a number allotted on the RSVP card and the guest crossed it out to add +1.

#9 Assuming the Centerpiece. I've had to stop guests from walking out with the centerpiece in tow. The bride will announce or go around to a particular guest and let them know about gifting the centerpiece. Guests do not assume as some items are rented, if not returned then the couple will be assessed with charges.

#10 Paparazzi. Do not whip your phones out like your paparazzi! Please put them away and enjoy the bride and groom's day. It is very rude to see guests falling out into the aisle trying to take pictures. They hired a photographer and videographer for this reason. No posting, texting, tweeting, and facebooking during the ceremony and reception, wait until after.

Side note: Your Ipad is not meant to be carried as a camera neither.

#11 Dine & Dash. Don't come just for the food and free drinks and then say "Well time to go". The couple put a lot of time, money and effort in making their wedding enjoyable not only for them but for you as well. Stay until cake is cut and have the couple acknowledge your presence. Also if a buffet is being served wait until your table is called. The staff have a flow of how the tables should be served, it's okay there is enough food for everyone.

#12 Posers. Please do not pose on, or in the couple's transportation without them. You are not balling!

#13 Bumping & Grinding. You are not at a club! No throwing of your legs in the air, bending over, and excessive grinding and grabbing body parts. The couple has family and kids at the wedding, keep it classy and tasteful.

Happy Dtales!

Your Wed Pics by Gwendolyn DeShields


WedPicsWould you like your guests to post pictures of your wedding under one platform? Here is a fast and convenient option to obtain all the pictures your guests take of you and your wedding. It's a new app called WedPics! WedPics is a personalized photo sharing app for your wedding. It involves three easy steps. First download and create your FREE app, available for iPhone and android users. Second, invite your guests to post your wedding pics by sending them a wedding id link via email, Facebook, or text. You can also have a reminder of your wedding  link on your programs or have it posted near your guest book in a decorative frame. Then while your away on your honeymoon, just relax and see all the memorable and maybe a few not so shots pour in! WedPics provides an intuitive service for you to not chase down pics from your guests or have surprises shown on social media sites. For example, I've had brides call me and ask if it would be appropriate if she told (yes tell, not ask) her guests to leave their cellphones in the car. Another bride wanted to put in her programs "Please do not post any pics to any social media sites". I understand their reasoning. As a guest you are invited to support and experience the union of two people becoming husband and wife. Not to whip out your phones and start taking video and pictures like you're at a concert! So couples check the site out and Happy Dtales!


Invitations by Gwendolyn DeShields

Invitations By Dawn

Hi Brides and Grooms! When it comes to the style or theme of your wedding, don't forget about the stationary. Your stationary expresses to your guests the formality of your wedding or event. It tells them if the event is going to be formal, semi-formal, or informal. A few things to consider is the time your event starts, the wording on your invitation and the event space. You don't want your guests dressed to the nines, and your wedding starts at 10 o'clock in the, no, no! Or you don't want your guests wearing casual clothing to an elegant venue (even though I've seen it happen),no,no! Choose an invitation that speaks to your wedding. "It's so many to choose from, where do I begin"? There are websites who offer FREE SAMPLES! A few you may have to pay a minimal fee to cover shipping, but it's worth it. I love these vendors and they offer unique items  that tailor to your theme, color scheme and budget. Also check out Etsy and Zazzle. Etsy has designers from around the world that create and sell unique goods. Zazzle, if you want something funky and original, they have designers with an edge.  If your following your checklist, you should order your invitations at least nine to six months before your wedding day. Here are a few I hope you enjoy and Happy Dtales!

Exclusively Weddings



Wedding Paper Divas

Invitations By Dawn

Statement Pieces by Gwendolyn DeShields

When it comes to the dress, you have to consider the jewelry, veil, the headpiece and let's not forget the shoes!. Here is an array of some unique statement pieces I found, to give you some inspiration from head to toe. So when the doors open and you take that first step, all eyes will be on you! Have fun with the dtales. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="146,149,147,148,150,156,155,154,153,158,151,162,160,161,152,159,157"]




My Ring Style by Gwendolyn DeShields

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! Yesterday was National Proposal Day. I know what your thinking like huh? Never heard of it... right? It's because it marks the first day of spring, and this day is supposedly to nudge your him to propose. Something about hearing the word "Spring" that gives you energy! Time to pack up the winter stuff, and shop for new outfits, color, style, trends, new sunglasses and of course new So what's your ring style? There are an array of options to choose from. Here are some baubles, I feel that you would adore. Happy Dtales!

[gallery type="square" ids="104,105,106,107,108,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118,120,121,122,123,124,109,119,125,110,126"]

Together As One by Gwendolyn DeShields

When planning a wedding , the first thing I conduct is an analysis with my client. I ask all the basic questions, like theme, color scheme, budget, guests approx, the who, what, when, where and the why. For some reason when I ask this question "What type of unity ceremony you want to have"? I always get the puzzled face. This is an important question brides and grooms seem to overlook when it comes to planning their special day. Brides and Grooms consider this when your planning your special day as it is very important because it expresses the love between you two. It can be unique, creative, traditional or even fun. There are a wide range of unity ceremonies you can choose from. Make it you, because that's what it's all about right!


Here are some examples of unity ceremonies you can choose from: Happy dtales!


This can add a very unique element to your ceremony. This can be for a traditional ceremony or in case candles are prohibited. You can have a member of your bridal party or parents hold the metal ring while bride and groom braid the strands together. It symbolizes the union of God, husband and wife.

For the handfasting ceremony this incorporates the use of ribbon or fabric. Your officiant then wraps your hands together as you speak your vows.


This ceremony is more traditional. Mother of the bride and groom will light both of the pillar candles leaving the middle candle unlit. Then the bride and groom take their candle to light the middle candle. Symbolizes coming together as one.


These two ceremonies are alike but have a different meaning. The sand ceremony is about the covenant that was made back in biblical times. The salt is the same color, for which you are unable to tell "his salt" from "her salt". Symbolizes the commitment between the two, and "his salt" and "her salt" cannot be separated.


The sand ceremony has your own individual color of sand in two separate vases. Then bride and groom both pour their own representation of sand into one vase to intertwine, still showing their individuality but still unable to become separated.



Wedding Water Unity Ceremony

This unity ceremony, similar to the sand having your own color of water expressing your individuality to pour into one vase that creates a different color to symbolize coming together as one. (Example red and blue makes purple)



This ceremony can be for that couple who loves nature or even having an outdoor ceremony. Bride and groom will choose a type of tree that signifies them. At the ceremony you can provide soil for your parents to place around the pot, or can collect soil from places of meaning to you for the soil. Refer to picture frame as couple collected soil from various places they love and used the soil as soil for their tree. Then you both will water together and plant in the backyard of your home to see it grow as a symbol of your growing union.



I like the idea of washing each others feet at your wedding

This ceremony is based off of a christian ritual of when Jesus Christ washed his disciples feet. This ceremony symbolizes devotion, servitude and humility.



This ceremony is very unique. The rose is considered as a symbol of love. First the bride and groom and the parents of the bride and groom will all have the same color rose. The bride and groom rose will be displayed in a separate vase as the parents come and put their flower into the center vase, the bride and groom will be last. This ceremony symbolizes the unity between the two families.


jumping the broom ceremony | In my opinion, it’s just fun to jump, so why not?

This ceremony is about sweeping away the negative and jumping into the future as husband and wife. This ceremony is a tribute to tradition of the African culture. You can design your broom anyway you like with bling, flowers, or fabric and then hang somewhere in your home as a symbol of your union.


include a specialty element in your ceremony more info on wedding ceremonies here unity cross ceremony

This ceremony has three parts. Your officiant will explain how man was created as the groom represents the outer. The groom is the strength and head of his household. The inner represents the bride as she is creative and delicate and she completes him. Then the three pegs represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit connecting them together as one.

Turn Off The Lights by Gwendolyn DeShields

I decided to write this post for many reasons, this can be helpful for some women and men out there or can either scare you away. As I sit here thinking what to write for my next post, I was like why not about the "Wedding Night". You always see post and pics about dresses, receptions, flowers, cake and favors, but I have yet to see anything written on tips or advice for the wedding night. So here I go... [gallery type="rectangular" ids="165,169,168"]



One thing us women may tend to overlook is the "Wedding Night". We become so overwhelmed with all the details and planning for the "day of" (and it's not our fault) but we forget to prepare ourselves for the "night of". The man sure didn't forget.. he can't wait!

So when you pack your overnight bag, think about how you want to please your new husband. Be creative, be bold and confident with your title. You're a wife now! Have your music playlist prepped, lingerie ready, something to drink for during and/or afterwards because you will be Try a simple gown with cutout details, or purchase some hosiery and wear your garter and your heels, or try something daring and sheer. It will be a night you and him won't forget. Let him know this is one of the reasons why he married you. Last but not least implement new things in your romance, don't be afraid to try new things together and for each other and don't let the spice dry out of your marriage. Use your imagination and have fun-loving each other. Have a happy marriage and keep it Sweet and Spicy!